Saturday, November 8, 2008


We had a "Ralph Photo of the Year Competition" at school. All of the Room 1 children got to choose their favourite photo of Ralph and enter it into the competition. The whole school voted for their favourite photo. The lucky winners were:




The prize winners got a certificate and a chocolate fish. Ralph was a very happy cat as he got a chocolate fish too!

Our photo competition was lots of fun!

Ralph hangs out with Nick

Friday 31st October

Hi Ralph. Nice to see you again. It is the first time you've come home with me. My brother Sam has bought you here twice before.

It's Halloween tonight, but Ralph and I didn't want to dress up. Sam did though.

Saturday 1st November

It was really cold and windy today so we went to the Museum to have a look around. We got fish and chips on the way home. Katelyn and Nicole came for a visit too and gave Ralph lots of cuddles.

Sunday 2nd November

Sam and I went to a birthday party at Abordale, Mosgiel. My friend Fletcher from Kindy turned 5 but I hurt my neck on a bouncy castle and had to leave early as it was sore.

Here's a photo of Ralph and I taken on Mum's Camera.

See you next time,


Ralph hangs out with Aliya


Today Aliya and her sister Shontel had taken Ralph to stay at their Aunty Shirlee's house to stay with their youngest cousin Sjaam. They played games all day and all night. Aliya, Shontel and Ralph played on their cousin's bouncing castle. They had a really good time. After that they had tea. It was chicken fried rice. It was really yummy too. After dinner they all played more games. They stayed up late because it was a short school holiday (Labour Weekend).

Aliya is giving Ralph cuddles while they watch TV and movies. They are watching Hard Ball. Aliya and Shontel might go to the swimming pool tomorrow with Ralph or Time Zone and they are really excited and can't wait. They are allowed to spend some money out of their piggy bank. They have a piggy bank at their Aunty Shirlee's.

Aliya, Shontel and Ralph are listening to the rain and wind. It's really bad weather outside.


Today we got up at Aunty Shirlee's and had breakfast, got changed, brushed our hair and teeth. Ralph too! We went to town. We went and spent $5 each at Time Zone. It was so cool. Ralph enjoyed it too. Then we went back to Aunty Shirlee's, had lunch and waited for Mum to come and pick us up. Mum got the game Gvatar Hero 3. It was fun. I couldn't really play it but we gave it a go! On our way home we stopped and got my favourite pasta, ricotta and parmesan tortellini. Yummy, yum, yum! Ralph didn't want to eat it because it was green. But Mum told him it was delicious!

After tea we had a shower. Ralph went into the wash and we all went to bed.


Yay. No school!! Today we went to the beach, Doctor's Point. We went fishing and caught three fish. YUMMY. We went and got cockles and had a BBQ with my family. My Aunties were there and my uncles and my cousins. Even my Aunty and Uncle from Ashburton. Man it was great. The weather was so lovely. I went swimming three times. Mum and some of my Aunties got a bit sunburned. "OUCH" Silly because they didn't put sunscreen lotion on. We stayed there for a little while. I didn't want to leave. Ralph didn't as well. He wanted to stay and play with Boss and Lucky, my Aunty's dogs.

We all enjoyed Ralph's company. We also forgot to take the camera for photos but next time we will. Thanks Ralph for joining our family for Labour Weekend. It was such a good time and we had heaps of fun. You're welcome anytime. We all hope to see you again.


Love lots, Shontel, Aliya, Mum, Dad and Stefan

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ralph and Lily's Holiday Adventures

Friday 26th of September

Ralph came home with Lily today! They were so happy to see each other. They spent the rest of the afternoon playing and cuddling. At dinner time, Ralph shared Hammie's food!

Saturday 27th of September

Today we were supposed to got to Alexandra but it's raining and snowing there. So instead we've decided that Ralph has been playing too hard with his friends in Room 1 and needed a bath at Lily's Salon again!

Sunday 28th of September

Whew! Now that Ralph is clean, it's time to go play!

Ralph went to Alexandra with us. We saw the museum and climbed up to the big clock and visited the old bridge. Then when we got in the car Ralph got to drive the car and it was fun.

Monday 29th of September-3rd October

Lily and Ralph played, watched TV and snuggled the whole week enjoying every minute of the first week of break!

Saturday 4th of October

We decided to go visit the Mapoutahi Pa near where we live. It is an area from the past where a Maori tribe lived and fought a battle with another tribe. Lily decided that Ralph should go too!

When we were there we found a long rope swing. We all took turns swinging on the swing and Ralph did too. It was fun!

We also played in the sand and Ralph took a nap.

October 11th & 12th

We are coming to the end of Ralph's visit. He's done many things and has been on a few adventures! He even got to see a couple of hedgehogs from our backyard! Lily missed it though - she wouldn't wake up!

We will miss you Ralph. I hope you come see us again.

Love Lily

Ralph and Tyla's Adventures

Friday 19th of September

Tyla was excited to know that she was bringing Ralph home to her house this weekend. The first thing she did was to show Ann & Bill her next door neighbours. Ralph enjoyed their garden.

Saturday 20th of September

Tyla wasn't feeling well so Tyla, Ralph and Joel watched a video together. I think Ralph enjoyed the relaxation as he is such an outgoing cat. He enjoyed the home comforts such as Joel's spongee chair.

Sunday 21st of September

Ralph had a great time with Tyla and her cousin Zed. They played outside on the swing set and climbed on the fireman's ladder.

Tyla loved sharing her weekend with Ralph and hopes to have him again soon.

Bye for now Ralph.

By Tyla

Ralph visits Manaal

Friday 12th of September


I was bought to Manaal's house by his neighbour Briana as Manaal wasn't feeling well. Manaal was very excited to see me. As soon as he got his hands on me he gave me millions of cuddles and hugs. He held me so tightly I felt like I couldn't breathe.

Manaal introduced me to all his toy friends and I was very happy to make new friends with 'Stitch and Orangutan'.

On Friday night Manaal made a special Indian dinner for me. I had Rice Coconut 'n' Beef Curry and Crispy Pappadoms. The dinner was very delicious and I wish that I could have more Indian food.

Saturday 13th of September

On Saturday morning Manaal and I played a lot with his little brother Mishaal who is just 5 months old. We made some freaky sounds to get his attention and I think he was very fond of my meow-meow!

In the afternoon I played with Manaal's dinosaur friends and i was so terrified to see the ferocious meat eater Tyrannosaurus Rex but later on I built a good rapport with him.

In the evening we watched Mannal's favourite 'Disney Channel'. We had a splendid time watching Zack & Cody! By night we were so tired we fell asleep very early.

Sunday 14th of September

On Sunday we had a good time reading books. Manaal was teaching me phonics and I had a nice time trying it. Since Manaal's Dad was on On-Call Duty that day we couldn't go out anywhere. So we played on the swing in our backyard.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ralph & Sam's Adventures


Hi Ralph, nice to see you here again. Sam was pleased that you've come to stay for the weekend. We shared fish & chips with Ralph for tea. He really liked that.


It was a nice day, but quite cold still. We mainly watched DVDs or played with lego.


Ralph and I visited the Chinese Gardens with Mum, Nick, Grandma & Aunty Maureen. We had lots of fun there climbing over rocks. We also went to Video Ezy to take back DVDs and Ralph and I played with my friend Kyle in the afternoon.

See you next time.

By Sam